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One of the first things that we ask clients who contact us to discuss a new website, is whether they have a logo. Many clients, do not seem to place value on a professionally designed logo and some are happy to have a text based one on their website. Your branding and building awareness of it are essential to your marketing strategy and your logo can set the tone for your website and indeed your entire business. 
Who are your clients? Are they young, trendy and a fun crowd, are they experienced professionals in the corporate world or are they creative people? Your logo will give the world a preview of who you are and who you are looking to attract. From a website design perspective, we would be looking at the colours and the vibe that your logo gives off and moving forward with that when discussing your project. A professionally designed logo, shouldn't need a redesign every year and should be uniform across all of your public channels. Very often, people will not have updated their social media platforms with their new logo. The internet is flooded and you will want to stand out. All of your client facing platforms should shout, without a doubt that they represent you. 
If you aren't convinced and are still thinking of getting a friend to put something together for you, using a self build platform or just having a text based logo as it is free, then think about something branded that you believe in and purchase. It may be that you love Coke or Pepsi. Or that you are an avid Apple user or a keen football fan. Visualise that logo that you are so familiar with being drastically changed or just plain text. It just doesn't work does it? Successful brands make their money on their logos being so recognisable and ingrained in peoples lives. The sense of familiarity is so important and helps to build customer loyalty and reputation. So, if you are thinking about your website ahead of 2021 and your logo doesn't have the longevity that you had hoped for, don't panic we can help. We offer a fully comprehensive logo design service, which is bespoke and gives you choice as well as guidance. Here are some logos that we have designed this year... 
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