Without the full-time commitments associated with an in house Business Development Manager or Marketing Director? 
With the average annual salary of a full time UK Marketing Director now around £90,000pa and a Business Development Managers role around £45,000pa these are often positions that are way out of reach for most SMEs looking to develop and grow their businesses to the next level. 
This leaves business owners either burdening themselves solely with the important task of business development and implementing their marketing strategy or simply delegating to a keen team member with very little experience.  
The implications can result in burn out for the business owner and or a stagnating or failing business due to a lack of attention, knowledge, strategy and monitoring. 
The difference between not having a creative, forward thinking, experienced professional assisting your business also means that valuable opportunities for expansion, brand development and profitability may well get missed, or lost to your competitors. 

The solution: 

The great news is we're working with local companies just like yours and by implementing our experience, ideas, support and strategies we've been adding tangible value to our clients businesses for over 15 years. We're happy to work with you on a very flexible basis, depending on your specific strategic requirements, business stage, long term goals and budget.  
Either partner with us for a one-off project or opt for an ongoing monthly arrangement to help you reach your long-term growth and development plans. This could be in the form of an off site two hour meeting per month with ongoing support or a dedicate half or full day at your office to help train your team and implement effective strategies into your business. 

The key benefits to your organisation: 

Flexible, creative business development and marketing solutions tailored to your specific business goals. 
Bespoke marketing services to compliment and expand your existing strategies. 
A creative, external viewpoint based on over 30 years of business experience. 
Access to Marketing Director level services without the financial commitments and constraints. 
Stay ahead or your competitors with access to the latest tools, techniques and trends. 
Assistance employing AI tools to help you streamline and optimise your business processes. 
Support and training for your existing team to grow productivity and effectiveness across the business. 
Access to our network of local accredited professionals through our recommended supplier list. 

 Our Core Services Include:  

Provide an honest external view of your existing digital landscape to establish what's working, what's not working and what could be implemented better to improve results. 
To integrate with and develop your existing systems, digital strategy, and your marketing team’s performance. 
Select, recommend, implement, and manage third-party specialists if and when required. 
To recommend and help implement technologies and systems that automate your marketing activities to ensure consistent quality results and help save you and your company time. 
To plan and help implement digital campaigns to assist with your business growth and goals such as new product launches, re branding exercises, events, and growth. 
To take responsibility for managing, monitoring, quantifying, and reporting on all digital marketing activities implemented through our single access platform. 
To add energy and creative flair to your digital strategy, to maximise client interaction and loyalty, build brand awareness to increase revenue and profitability 
One-To-One or group training services to up-skill your existing team to achieve better results for your business. 
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