When we have to create or change a password, most of us either use the same one for different systems or devices or see this as a chore and think of something that is easy to remember like a birthday or a family member's name. Do you feel frustrated when the computer says no and you have to use 20 characters including numbers and punctuation marks? In all seriousness, the business of protecting your business is down in part to protecting your passwords. Therefore, it is time to start reviewing your business passwords and making sure that you are getting the most out of them from a security perspective. 
Every single account should have its own password. Why? Because if someone finds out your password to one account then your others remain protected from the threat. A mindset that is based on prevention will help with password setting. 
As we touched on above, it is imperative to use mixtures of numbers and letters and replacing some letters for keyboard symbols like > < and ~, for example. A minimum number of characters should be 12. The use of symbols to replace letters or numbers can help to make your password more memorable. 
Check out this recent survey, over 23 million people are using 123456 as a password! This is huge and is a wake up call to many. Anything that is linked to you, like pets, birthdays, favourite pop bad, sports teams etc may be easier to decipher than you think. Therefore we would advise you to review the current situation and set up, and make changes if needed. There are even password generators out there if you need some help. 
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