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Email Newsletters 

If you're not already doing so, setting a goal to send your existing clients an Email Newsletter every month is a great way to stay connected. Use your Email Newsletter and update your clients with news, special offers and new products. There are now a number of great platforms that allow you to set up and schedule your emails so a couple of hours a month should be all you need. 

Review your Google Business listing 

Review your Google Business listing. If you’ve moved your trading location, or changed your telephone number or web address in 2022, then it’s probably a great time to review your Google Business Listing (Formally Google My Business). Google uses this information to list your business on the Map Pack so if you want to be found locally in this section by new clients in 2023 then it’s worth a review. This should only take 30 minutes. 

Set a goal to Blog on your website monthly. 

Set a goal to Blog on your website monthly. Blogging is an excellent way of updating your clients and potential clients. Blogging also shows Google that you are an active company; remember, Google loves unique regular new content. Blogging takes a bit of time, so If it’s not for you, search for an excellent local content writer and employ them to create your blogs. 

Get a digital audit 

Get a digital audit, we would actually recommend this every 6 months because the world wide web is moving at lightning speed so getting a health check or digital audit will highlight any things that might need fixing. You can book a free digital audit from Leading Motion here: https://www.leadingmotion.co.uk/digital-audits/ 

Review your website from your potential client's perspective 

Review your website from your potential client's perspective, how quickly can you get to a specific page, and how easy is it for the user to fill in a form. Click a button to call you or email you. Check your website on a mobile a tablet and your desktop. This should only take a few minutes but will most likely highlight at least one issue that needs to be fixed. 
Review your social media activity. 
Review your social media activity. If you are listed on social platforms and have been inactive for a while, then you are probably missing an opportunity. Review all your platforms and make sure you're active. If social media is not for you, then seek out a local expert who will be happy to give you some training or manage your accounts for you. 

Know your niche. 

Know your niche. Divide your target audience into small subsections and concentrate your attention on them. Not only can focusing on a smaller niche reduce your marketing expenditure, but it also allows you to tailor a much more targeted marketing message to that audience. 

Re purpose your content 

Re purposing content allows you to quickly promote a message in a different way without starting from scratch (so saving you time and money) If you’re planning to re purpose your content, avoid copying and pasting as Google will see the duplication and ignore it adding zero SEO value. 
Set up a chatbot on your website. 
Set up a chatbot on your website. Chatbots communicate with your website users 24/7, allowing you to concentrate on your business and not miss opportunities when you are away. There are some great third-party Chatbot solutions out there and synchronising one to your website should only take an hour. 
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