According to the latest consumer research from Google, shoppers will be much more cautious about going into stores for the Black Friday event and their Christmas shopping. 
Where we once saw lengthy queues on the news and heard about people coming to blows over the latest cut price TV in the shop, this year's landscape looks very different. Of those surveyed, more than a third of UK shoppers who normally go to the stores for the Black Friday sales will not this year. Similarly, over 70% of shoppers will go online to do their Christmas shopping. Trends in this area all point to people also browsing online rather than in store. 
Support for local businesses is in the forefront of peoples minds and over 65% plan to shop more locally, than they would have done before. Crucially through, searches including 'near me' are through the roof, meaning that if you do not have an online presence you could miss out on your market share. 
Previously, you may have not had a website or hadn't invested in a powerful and effective one as you do not sell online. This time round, this isn't a wise strategy. As you can see in the full report, many shoppers plan to check ahead to see if shops have stock, with the intention of picking things up, rather than coming into a shop to have a look as they would have done before. 
With three months till Christmas and less till Black Friday, there is still time to improve your online presence and ensure that you are found when people search for a local supplier. We can design a website in 14-17 working days if you give us your logo, how you want the website structured and the content. We would certainly recommend acting now, as although not mentioned in Google's report, we think that these trends will continue through to the January sales also. Contact Us for a free consultation and to find out more. 
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