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Your website is your top sales person! I am sure that you, like us, still regularly see websites that are basically glorified business cards. Website design and digital marketing give us so many avenues and the platform from which we can grow business and use the resources available to us. 
Not all website design is equal. Whilst it is widely acknowledged that every business needs a website, many display basic contact information and a description of the business. There is no kerb appeal (in the online sense!). We want to feel something when we visit a website, this is your shop front, there should be call to actions to grab our emotions and give us the urgency to make contact. There should be imagery, which evokes a feeling of wanting the product or service or the words of outstanding testimonials scattered in a way that make us feel trust and security. Your website should be your top sales person and your number one advocate in the marketplace. The beauty is that when you reach the desired point with your website, it works for you 24 hours a day and never clocks off. 
For a website that works for you around the clock it needs to be client centred and generate sales leads. 
How Will Your Product or Service Make Their Life Better? 
Humans are selfish creatures in the sense that they are looking at what you can do for them. There is nothing wrong with a bio on an About Us page but on your Home page, your sales tactics should be working over drive. Is what you are selling of use to the viewer? How can you show them the benefit? Great sales involve getting to know your customer and what they require. This may include addressing points that may be an issue for them and how you can rectify those. 
So a highly rated physiotherapist for example, might reference their awards and feedback to ensure that clients feels that this person is credible, but to address their needs they may directly talk about back pain and include a link to a case study or their available treatments, so that the person with the ailment can see the route to feeling better and can book the treatment or get in touch there and then. 
Address Your Clients By Their Need  
People will seek out a website because they are looking for a solution. It is advisable to meet their needs or provide an answer as quickly as possible so that they can see that you are a possible service provider. If you can do this while standing out from the crowd, then even better! So whether you sell insurance or beds or whether you provide dental services or counselling, your website should talk to every type of client. So within counselling, you need to be talking to the clients who need talking therapies, for example by telling them the results of these treatments and how they may feel afterwards. If you simply list the therapies available then the potential client may not feel that there is anything to gain, as you are not addressing their particular need. So think about your clients and think about their needs or problems and what your solutions are. 
Capture Their Attention 
If a website visitor cannot see what is relevant to them they will quickly move on. Once you have established yourself as a solution to their problem, don't leave them hanging! Clunky websites, broken links and no call to actions lose peoples attention. The user needs to be able to pick up where they left off if they get called away or their phone rings. So retrace their steps and make sure that your website flows. Keeping things simple promotes a user friendly website experience and leads them to a clear call to action. 
This may mean repeating a call to action at key points on your web pages. Reducing content can help rather than reams and reams of text, some funky graphics could work better for you. You may want to include cues to encourage scrolling and to keep users interested. 
Ultimately, we can help with all of the items in this article and more and we do practise what we preach! We get to know you (our customer) first, before we expect you to part with any money. Understanding what you need from your website and what your business is all about gives us the insight that we need to build you a bespoke all singing all dancing website. For a free informal chat, please get in touch
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