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The advice on whether to work from your home or office is changing month by month, and more businesses are now marketing online in comparison with before the pandemic. This needs to reflect in your long-term and short-term goals and how you plan to achieve them. 
Attracting visitors to your website is essential when you are trying to engage customers to grow your brand so that they want to buy your products or services. 
Your main marketing aim is to drive traffic to your website and maintain your prospects interest, so it can be frustrating if they quickly leave. Your bounce rate, otherwise known as the number of visitors who leave your website after viewing a single page, is important and needs to be addressed. 
As a business owner, you need to keenly keep on top of your data in order to ascertain how many people are landing on your website. If you regular analyse who is visiting your site and when, you will learn whether your viewers are growing or decreasing. You will also be able to judge which pages attract the most interest and ascertain your user’s journey. 
Digital marketing has been affected by the lockdowns and pandemic, so you need to regularly re-evaluate your vision and goals and log what works and what doesn’t. 
For example, more people are using social media and blogging to attract potential customers than ever before, and your digital output needs to reflect that. 
Whether your content includes, podcasts, videos, infographics, blogs, animations, cartoons or photographs, your analysis of your visitors will help you to learn which is the most popular and then you can focus your marketing in that area. You can also rework the content you already have and expand upon it. 
Blogging benefits 
Posting regular business blogs using SEO, helps to build your reputation as an expert in your field, especially if you use keywords and phrases, optimise meta tags and share top tips from your industry. 
By devising a regular blogging strategy to help other business owners, or customers using your products or services, you’ll soon find that you will increase your credibility and your followers will start to look out for your words of wisdom. Once you have gained their trust, they are more liking to consider buying from you. 
The increasing popularity of podcast and videos 
In a recent survey, Wyzowl and found that 89% of video marketers claimed their video gave them a good return on their investment and 83% said it helped them generate new leads (See: 
Podcasts and videos are good for alluring your audience. You can also share them on your social media or use them to draw attention to landing pages for specific marketing campaigns. 
Commit to content creation 
If you include social media as part of your marketing strategy, ensure you know which platforms your target audiences frequent. 
Also remember to be consistent and post regularly in order to gain followers who will interact with you and potentially buy from you. 
Once they have become loyal customers and raving fans, they will do some of your marketing for you by posting reviews and referring your brand to their contacts and friends. 
Revisit and remix 
Don’t forget to keep analysing your data and reviewing everything you do regularly, to ensure your business is growing. Make changes where necessary. 
If you need any help with anything we’ve mentioned in this blog, get in touch because Leading Motion have experts in these areas who can assist you. 
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