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A client’s review can make or break a business. 
Now more than ever, it’s important to regularly monitor your business’s reputation online and to keep an eye on what customers say about your organisation in reviews. It could affect your company’s reputation and impact your turnover. 
In the past, buyers would make a purchase from an organisation based on whether it was highly recommended by a family member or close friend. Now that is changing, like everything else in this life. 
According to a recent survey, 97 per cent of consumers trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from friends and family. 
Having a good review online can increase your visibility and the number of people viewing your website. It can also boost your sales and increase your ranking on search engines. 
At Leading Motion, you can request your FREE Marketing review to help improve your business’s digital profile and to help your prospects find you more easily online. 
Whatever marketing activity you do to get your brand known – whether it’s your website, blog, key search terms, social media activity, your printed business collateral, Google ranking – we’ll research how your target audience finds out about you and recommend some guidance on how you can improve your digital marketing strategy to be found online more easily. 
Check your star rating 
Did you know that customers are likely to spend 31 per cent more on your business if you have excellent reviews and the number of stars you’ve been given on different website counts just as much. 
According to a recent survey, 42 per cent of consumers won’t even look at your business if it is below a three stars quality. 

Quantity counts 

According to RevLocal consumers need to read from between 2 to 21 reviews on a company before choosing it, depending on the individual concerned. 

Quality matters 

Whether your customer reviews you with two words or 100 does matter, especially to review platforms, which can hide reviews if they want to. 

Recent reviews are best 

Experts claim consumers won’t trust a review if it is older than six-months-old. 
The way to address this problem is to make a strategy to ask every customer for a review, either verbally in person as they make their purchase or via text or email. 
Also, if anyone writes anything negative about your brand, deal with it immediately, preferably by taking it offline. 
We hope we’ve shown you the importance of having good online reviews. Our Leading Motion team have the tools and experience to help you, if you need our help, so call us today! 
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