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E-commerce retailers lose billions of pounds of revenue each year because their buyers abandon their websites before clicking the “check out” button. When you are running an e-commerce store, the last thing you want is your customer to leave their digital shopping basket, or cart, before making that highly-desired purchase. 
Known as cart abandonment or check-out abandonment, it is the eternal frustration of all online shop owners. 
According to the Baymard Institute, almost 7 out of every 10 (69.57%) potential customers leave a website before making that crucial purchase. Not surprisingly, the abandonment rate is even higher (85.65 %) for customers using a smaller screen like a mobile phone. 
With e-commerce quickly becoming the main way consumers buy things these days, we’ve taken a look at the main problems that can cause cart abandonment and also looked at ways that you can resolve these issues. 

That facts and figures 

According to e-commerce experts, these are some of the reasons shoppers will leave their loaded baskets, without paying for the items they considered purchasing: 
If extra costs are added before shoppers buy something, for example being asked to pay for additional fees for postage and packaging or shipping and taxes. In a Baymard Institute survey, 55% of those surveyed sited additional fees as the reason they failed to make a purchase. 
When buyers have to create an account it puts them off making a purchase. According to the survey, a third of shoppers left an online store before buying for this reason. 
If it takes longer than 3 seconds for pages to load, 57 per cent of digital shoppers will give up waiting and leave. What’s worse, is that 8 out of 10 will never return to your website again! 
More than half of online consumers (55%) will cease their transaction if they have to re-enter their credit card details or contact information for shipping, according to Statista. 
Experts recognise that offering a promotional code or discount vouchers make good sense, but 46% abandon the checkout if the discount code doesn’t work. 
Almost four out of every 10 mobile phone users will ditch the deal if they have trouble inputting their data due to small buttons and an abundance of different sections. 

Shopping solutions 

The way to address these issues is easier than you think. Experts say that by implementing certain checkout optimisation strategies, you can increase your conversion rate by 35.62 per cent. Here are a few suggestions to optimise your e-commerce store experience for mobile users: 
By ensuring your website loads quickly, in under 3 seconds. 
Cutting out all non-essential wording, so your copy only includes important information 
By using simple designs with key factors above the fold. 
Conserving space by using accordions in mobile designs, which you click to read additional information on products or services. 
By offering free shipping. According to surveys, 79% of people are more likely to shop online when shipping is free. If you don’t want to offer free shipping, give accurate information about any additional costs at the point of purchase. 
Offer guest checkouts so digital shoppers can make a purchase without having to create a personal account. 
Keep forms to the minimum by collecting essential information only. Ask shoppers for their full name, rather than Christian name and last name and get them to enter their address in one line. 
Having the shipping information automatically populate the billing address section, as for most shoppers this will be the same information. 
If you decide to use discount codes or coupons, ensure that everything works correctly to prevent frustrating your clients. Apparently 75 per cent of consumers expect companies to offer discount coupons these days. 
Use retargeted adverts to capture your customers that got away. 
As an e-commerce outlet it is your responsibility to create the best shopping experience possible for your customers, so they keep returning to your online shop time and time again. Aim to address the issues we have mentioned that may cause complications for your consumers to stop them flitting elsewhere before buying from you. It’s the business acumen that will help your e-commerce business survive and thrive. 
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