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You need to strategically plan your marketing budget and keep a check of your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), in order to maximise your return on your investment (ROI). When you are in business, whether you have a small to medium enterprise (SME), or a larger organisation, your ultimate aim is to maintain the cost of acquiring each new customer (CPA) to a minimum. You need to keep in mind that Cost/Conversions = CPA. 

Landing page optimisation 

The important thing to think about is decreasing the cost and boosting your conversion rate. The first impression that most people have of your brand, products and services is from visiting your landing page, after they have clicked on a link that directs them to it. Making the most of your landing page can dramatically improve the number of conversions you achieve. 
Some marketers recommend testing your landing page against a second one with a few differences, and then assessing how many visitors go on to make a purchase from each landing page, to ascertain which works best. Over a period of time, this will help to minimise your CPA. 

Quality Score 

When you advertise online, the amount you are charged for each click (cost per click (CPC)) is determined by the quality and relevance of your content, your use of keywords and ads. This is what is referred to by the term quality score. 
Google also takes quality score into consideration, along with the number of clicks you receive, to calculate where your website is ranked on the search engine results page (SERP). 
You can improve your quality score by increasing your use of keywords and ads for users, you will decrease your CPC and your CPA. It may be time to consider having a digital strategy audit 

Improving the content of your ad 

It is recommended to devise a strategy to achieve your aims and objectives for your ads. Having the end results in mind, will help you plan your campaign and use it to capture the attention of your ideal audience. It is something your competitors may not be doing, so you will have the advantage over them. 


Experts estimate only 2% of visitors will make a purchase when they first visit your website. By retargeting them (or remarketing to them), you will increase your chances of them converting. The art of reconnecting with your prospects is easier than you think if you add a piece of code to your website, which will tag them allowing you to follow up by retargeting them. 
Analyse your data 
By keeping a close eye on your ads’s performance, you will know which has worked and which is best to stop, especially if you’ve had no visitors to your website from it. 
Consider your key words 
Use your data to review your keywords and try out new ones, if necessary, it will help you to reduce your CPA. 
For example, swapping a low performing keyword for a high performing keyword or phrase, should improve your conversion rate. Also, broad match keywords may result in your ads appearing in irrelevant searches, while adding negative keywords can help your campaign, if used correctly. Ask for an experts help, if necessary. 
Test and measure 
Ensure your website is regularly tested, reviewed and audited and ensure you are optimising all campaign metrics. Fix any broken links or technical issues, as this could badly impact your campaign too. At Leading Motion, we have experts who can manage your pay per click (PPC) campaigns for you. They will carry our daily checks and provide you with a monthly report, so you gain optimum results. Visit our website for more information. 
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