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Every business, whatever the size, needs an effective website. Even if your customers are local, most people will still find you online and most of them will do so on their phone. So what does it mean to have an effective website and what are your options? 
Your website needs to come up on search engines, in order for you to be found online. It needs to be what we call responsive, so that when users are using their phones, they do not have to pinch the screen and the website is optimised for mobiles. Once users hit your website, their experience needs to be great too. 
Many businesses will be drawn to DIY solutions and the draw will be the price. While these options are sometimes cheaper, they can be time consuming and ultimately you end up with a very basic template that has been used over and over again. We generally find that local SMEs quickly realise the potential of working with a Designer and additional cost is worth it for the visibility that they are seeking. The next decision is whether to work with a national designer or someone local. 
Nationals companies are often a more expensive investment. Head to Trustpilot to see what others say and make sure that your SEO is included as standard. We hear of initial offers and then sometimes costly add ons or upkeep charges. Support is key with your website as is the ability to edit it, so you will need training. As face to face meetings are unlikely, we recommend that you look into whether the company outsources their support and development and how easy it then is to make changes and get assistance. A website is there to be updated as Google likes new , unique content. In fact Google bots will look for it when they index your website, normally every 24 hours. 
A small Web Designer may be more accessible but they will most likely use open source CMS (Content Management System), which if left unmanaged could present security issues and may require extra costs to update. We would advise you to be clear on the costs from the start and to ask about security. Without the infrastructure of a national company, the support may not be consistent, so before you sign up, pick up the phone and get a feel for the staff and the ethos of the company. 
At Leading Motion Web Design, we partner with a web company, and have done for 10 years who close the gap between the small and large companies described above. We operate locally and cover predominantly London, Essex and Suffolk, so we can meet face to face and be on hand to make changes and discuss business challenges or questions that come up. We partner with our clients and are flexible in a way that other companies aren't. So if you need a meeting early, late or at the weekend, we can normally oblige. We have a national support centre for our website arm of the business, so there is a Support Team, there are Developers, Designers who are all very clever and work to ensure that the systems are secure, up to date and that clients can always reach someone in business hours to ask a question, if we are in a meeting for example. So while a we local we want clients to feel confident that we have back up and that we are not going to go out of business or that we are too small to be able to maintain a top end website, as we absolutely can and do that! Feel fee to browse Our Services and Get In Touch to arrange a free consultation. 
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