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When you are building your business, what people say about your brand really matters, so it’s essential to build a great reputation online. 
Whether you are a small start-up, an existing company or a large corporation, adopting a pro-active approach to collecting and managing your online reviews is vital. If you want to make a positive impact on whether consumers buy your products or services, you need to take reviews seriously and develop a strategy. 

Grow your presence on review platforms 

People not only buy from people, they also listen to recommendations and other people’s comments about you. Someone wanting to buy a product, like a camera, for example, will not only check out the websites of the various companies that sell cameras, but will also read the reviews that people have left after making a purchase. How many stars or positive reviews can be the ultimate deciding factor. 
Nowadays, if you want your business to grow, it’s crucial to develop a plan to gather as many reviews as possible and to use them wisely to amplify your reputation and raise your profile. Here are a few tips from the Leading Motion team. 

Ask for reviews 

Make it a policy to always ask for reviews and send your clients a link to your platforms, to make it easier for them to recommend you. 
Assess when is the best time to ask for a review too. If you are in hospitality, it may be as you hand over your customer’s receipt. If you are run a professional service or are a tradesperson, it might be best to ask for a review a few weeks after you’ve completed your work, once your customer has recognised your excellent workmanship 

Respond professionally and promptly 

When collecting reviews from customers, it’s important to manage your reputation. Ensure your team set up alerts so you know when someone leaves a review and regularly check your social media to read what people are saying about you. 
As a company, you can demonstrate your customer care by responding quickly to reviews, by thanking those who have left good reviews or addressing any issues of concern to show you have noted their comment. 
Take any disagreements offline immediately, as what is written online stays online, and tell the writer you will contact them personally, away from the public. 

Use your reviews as a marketing tool 

Once you have some good reviews, don’t forget to post about them on your social media, or create a promotional video. You might also want to create a Testimonials Page on your website or use their comments on your advertisements or brochures and leaflets. 
Don’t forget to make a point of regularly checking our Leading Motion blogs for other great tips recommending how to grow your business online. 
Also check out reviews on Leading Motion, to see what we mean. 
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