Christmas is the main time of the year when consumers are eager to shop and by now you should have your marketing and website SEO in tune, so you hear your digital cash tills ringing. 
Whether you are a small local business or a large brand, your ecommerce site is your online Christmas store window that can keep you in business all year around. After last year’s festivities were sandwiched between UK lockdowns, shoppers are keen to make December 2021 an all singing and dancing season of goodwill and giving, so may be willing to spend more. 
Competition can be tough at Christmas and the marketplace is usually crowded with businesses and professions like yours, so here are Leading Motions top tips for rising to the occasion. 
Back to basics 
If you are aiming to raise your profile and maximise sales of your Christmas gifts and seasonal offers online, you need to ensure that you correctly SEO Your Online Shop 
Ideally, you should have published your Christmas gifts’ pages months ago as they take a while to be ranked by search engines. You also need to ensure you have researched keywords and that your content is creative and grammatically correct. 
Don’t forget to incorporate your keywords into your meta tag and URL for maximum optimisation. For more tips on SEO tools click here 
Herald your Christmas pages 
If you are selling seasonal products or services, it is wise to follow the shining examples of big brands and have specific landing pages that will come up in searches (for example, Christmas Gifts or Christmas Gifts for her.) 
We would recommend you to make your visitors’ shopping journey easy, by having a logical menu, good images and links to avoid glitches. 
Use long tail keywords 
To gain some added value from your website, it is worth adding some long tail keywords, which are phrases made up of three to five words that are more specific and target a specific demographic, for example, “Christmas gifts for five-year-olds” or “what to buy your PA for Christmas”. 
Marketing experts consider long tail keywords as a way of driving high-quality prospects to your website so should lead to a higher conversion rate and return on your investment. 
Draw local crowds 
If you have a physical store in your local town, it’s worth ensuring your social media is up-to-date displaying your address, opening times, festive fare and goods, especially your Google My Business profile.  
Your Google posts will help shoppers to find you organically when they search for Christmas gift shops in your niche using maps and give you chance to be found on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). 
You can write Google posts about specific Christmas products and can track who has viewed them. Don’t forget that Google posts only remain online for one week, so you will have to write more posts in the run up to Christmas. 
Christmas sales 
Why not consider reusing your landing pages for Christmas goods for your post-Christmas sales to help boost your turnover in the New Year. 
Everyone at Leading Motion wishes you a very merry Christmas and don’t forget to get in touch if you need our help. 
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