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Here are our top level, 6 steps to branding success. We help many Essex and Suffolk SMEs with all aspects of of branding and marketing. Your branding should be consistent across your organisation and it should set you apart from your competition. Attracting new clients, you should also retain existing clients through your processes. 
Step 1 - Who Are You Targeting?  
Knowing your audience and who they are is key to campaigns and the tone and method of communication. At this level if you can filter the audience demographic, this will be really useful too. 
Step 2 - Know Your Purpose  
Clear messaging and knowing your goals and what you stand for should be consistent throughout your channels, and your communication should reflect your mission. 
Step 3 - Check Out The Competition 
Doing your research will ensure that you can set yourself apart and communicate what makes your business better. It is the ability to convince customers that you do it better, even in a crowded market, that will reap the rewards. 
Step 4 - Focus On Your Value 
What makes you unique and what you offer, so your value proposition can be included in every marketing piece across every channel. 
Step 5 - Setting The Tone  
Brand guidelines are a must as you want to set out how you interact with your audience, along with your tone and the impression that you want to give off. 
Step 6 - Market, Market Market 
Set to work on marketing your brand with a strategy. Display your brand in every area of your work from stationary to vehicle livery. Exploring channels beyond the traditional ones to promote your brand can be fruitful and help to tap into audiences that are new or emerging.  
Building your brand is an ongoing process and is certainly one that we can help with. Get in touch to book a free consultation
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