Many web designers including us, get asked by small business owners, whether they should add blogs to their websites. At Leading Motion a blog page is included in your bespoke web design, so invariably the answer is yes. There are however, some aspects to be aware of before adding a blog page. 
At Leading Motion, we are huge fans of blogging. We blog regularly and we also offer a service, whereby we write for websites. Adding new, unique content regularly is a great way to grow your website traffic organically. Blogging gives you content, which you can share on social media or email platforms, therefore driving traffic back to your website, which in turn can help with your ranking on Google. Writing about your experience, your service or your industry, also demonstrates your knowledge and your credibility with potential clients. People are buying into you and your brand, so they may be interested in your views and commentary as much as your product or service. 
In the huge world of the internet, competition is rife. Therefore, the better the blog content the more likely it is to help you to get noticed. Experienced content writers, will create copy in a natural way, weaving in keywords to make the text rich to help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  
We often see small business owners, adding a sentence or two and an image. Unless you are in a very niche industry, this level of content is unlikely to make a big impact on the performance of your website. There is a level of commitment to adding a blog page that we always discuss with our clients. For a small business website, we suggest adding a blog each month. You can schedule blog posts to publish at regular intervals and naturally some will be longer than others.  
You can have a guest blog from time to time, so you may have a supplier or associate who it would be appropriate to hear from on your site. Once you have given some thought as to the tone and what your page may look like, you need to establish when and who is creating the blog article. Is it you or do you have someone working with you? Pop it in the calendar so that it is scheduled into your monthly work plan. 
The downside of setting up a blog unprepared can be that it becomes out of date very quickly. So you start off with great intentions and then months go by and the page isn't updated. We keep in touch with our clients regularly and give them a nudge to add a blog if needed, as an out of date page doesn't look great.  
'Blog coming soon', or 'blog last updated May 2020' isn't enticing, and doesn't make anyone want to stay on the page. Just as your website is in competition with so many others, so is your blog. So if you can sit down and write something that is relevant, conversational and contains at least a few paragraphs then you really have something to work with and develop.  
You can ask your clients, what they want to hear about and what they think of your blog topics. Engagement is important, so listen to their feedback. You may also save on admin time! There is nothing wrong with blogging about something that clients ask regularly, as then you or your team can then send them the blog to read. 
We hope that we haven't put you off and if you want to talk to us about blogging for you or see the details of our service, then hit the buttons below. Once, any blog was better than none but things have moved on and there are many professional blog writers out there, so it is important to be prepared and to recognise that it is a commitment if you are doing it yourself. 
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