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Working From Home (WFH) is the new normal and while many of us settle in to what is the second or third week of this new routine, what can we do to make our working lives easier and our days more enjoyable? 
Firstly, declutter and clean your work space. Making the environment clean and fresh will inevitably help you to feel motivated and in a work head space. Use some time when you are not working to recycle or shred paperwork that you no longer need. Come up with ways to neatly store items that you do need, so that your new work space is clear. 
Try to maintain good posture while working and move around regularly. Whether it is getting up to make a drink or having a stretch, movement is important and the body was designed to move. Those of you who have children at home could join in with their workouts. The likes of PE with Joe Wicks and Cosmic Yoga are becoming part of many parents’ routines for the time being. Or you could try Colchester based Jordan Brown's HIIT workouts @jordanbrown_smpt on Instagram. 
Planning is helpful, so know what you want to achieve each day. Preparing your lunch as you would if you were going out to work, can create routine and normality. Keep in touch with colleagues, clients and associates as social contact helps us to feel integrated and can generate ideas. 
Try to ensure that you have some time each day to relax and wind down. Whether it is exercising, watching TV or reading for example, try to resist the temptation of logging in to do ‘just one more email.....’. Before you know it your evening has passed you by. Going to bed at your normal time helps to maintain your day time productivity. 
Stay safe at home. 
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