Many local business owners, who we talk with in and around Colchester are really interested in SEO and either manage in house or seek help from a marketing agency like Leading Motion. 
When running a small business, skills such as website SEO are often self taught. Wearing different hats and becoming proficient are part of being entrepreneurial and successful after all. Lots Colchester business owners work with their web designer on SEO and then take things forward. By asking ourselves what we would search for and indeed harnessing the opinion of family and friends, there is much to be learned and discovered. There are also many free guides, webinars and videos on the internet, which take you through a DIY approach to SEO.  
However deep you want to dig into the ins and outs of SEO, it is great to have some tools to help you. Below are some suggestions of SEO Tools that give you an overview of trends and data pertaining to your website SEO. 
This video gives you a good overview of the different components within Google Analytics and touches on the Google Search Console. Sometimes our website clients tell us that there is too much on Google Analytics. The video mentioned above really shows that you need to look at your audience, as you want to focus on where you make the most money for your products or services. It also brings home the reality of a marketing company telling you that your website visitors are up, as when the website owner in the video does a deep dive, he is actually down in his core marketplace. 
As with social media, if you are looking at SEO for your website, then do your research and do it well. We always say to our website clients, who are overwhelmed with the social media side, just stick to what you are confident with and do it well. So if you prefer Facebook and Twitter over Instagram and TikTok, then we always tell them to focus on the platforms that they can manage and they could consider outsourcing the rest. 
Hopefully, this article has given you some SEO focus if you are managing things in house. If you are looking for more information or would like an SEO partner then please get in touch for a free consultation. 
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