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Large organisations invest in their IT security heavily, as they recognise the level of threat and the fact that they are a target on many levels. Many small and medium sized businesses however don't prioritise in the same way. Many start-ups and smaller organsations simply don't see themselves as a target for hackers. There is always a business case for protecting business data and assets. 
The security threat is real, as in the UK, a small business is hacked every 19 seconds. Therefore, we hope that these tips will helps SMEs in safeguarding their businesses and keeping long term processes in place to keep this at the top of their to do list. 
Keep software updated on all devices and servers 
Use a virus checker to prevent malware from reaching you 
Back up your data 
Carefully choose passwords 
Learn how to recognise phishing messages 
Have an IT security policy and share it 
Our websites are fully secure and in terms of back up we can turn back time and retrieve the history, which supports our clients in many ways. 
It is worth understanding how your team communicate as every device including phones and laptops could hold business critical data if it falls into the wrong hands. 
Our clients use Leading Motion as we take care of web security for them. We are experienced in working with clients of every size and can assist with online marketing. We tailor our package to your business, once we understand your needs and what your business goals are. Please take a look at Our Services and Contact Us for a free consultation. 
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