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Companies are reporting one years worth of growth in internet use over the last 3 months. With more people at home and some unable to work, this seems like a natural extension to the stay at home mantra. But what are people doing online? What are the successes? Can we use those themes to capitalise, closer to home with our own businesses? 
You Tube reports that demand for instructional video has sky rocketed. Videos including titles such as 'how to' and 'step by step' are being viewed for 65% longer than this time last year. This correlates with a trend for internet searches beginning 'how to' at the moment. How to make hand sanitiser, how to cut your hair, how to bake and how to make face masks, are commonly searched for as people try to do more things at home. 
People are also home schooling their children so searches for historical events, grammar and punctuation and spellings are also trending. Along with schooling many people are fact checking or looking for quiz questions, as the desire for entertainment and the popularity for home quizzing is keeping people busy and filling the gap where people would ordinarily be socialising. 
Online shoppers are buying plants, hair dye, garden tools and equipment and gym gear. For example the search for 'free weights' increased rapidly as people started to work out at home since gyms are closed. Redbrain reported a 4000% increase in the search for 'free weights' in March compared to February. That is phenomenal and a massive boost for online retailers who are selling and stocking those items. 
Some trends are short lived, so unlike the some of the ongoing demands like hair dye and plants, the search for toilet roll has declined. In March, toilet roll was by far the most sought after item with almost 5 million internet searches! Now that is a story that we will tell in the future, which will seem unbelievable! Presently, we are all going through similar experiences and are searching and buying many of the same things. 
Internet growth improves and evolves all the time as connection improves and coverage. However, the kind of speed and the spike in internet usage is unprecedented as we are in such a unique and strange moment of history. But not everyone is looking to sort out their hair or join an online class.... Security breaches are on the up, commonly small scale attacks of cyber vandalism. Some attackers are looking to disrupt websites that are flooded with visitors and are simply doing this for entertainment. 
So what can we take from the data and trends? Selling online is a no brainer if you have access to stock and couriers or even if you can deliver locally. Take your expertise online, whether its life coaching, hypnosis or exercise classes, people are looking for guidance. Make sure that your web provider is hot on security and that it is a major priority for them. You also need a website that is adaptable so you can pop a message on the Home page as things change or you can update your delivery time and costs for example. The world is evolving at the moment as are we all, along with our businesses. We offer flexible websites that are bespoke, hugely secure, fast and you are supported locally. We can deliver quickly, so give us a call if you have not got a website that enables you to tap into the market at any given time. Contact Us... 
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