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With the lockdown restrictions easing this month and next, please don't forget about your website, in regards to reopening. We have seen lots of small businesses in Colchester and beyond on social media over the last week, making their premises look amazing and ready to welcome customers back.  
At Leading Motion Colchester HQ, we are delighted that businesses can start trading again. We urge business owners to be visible online as there is still a flurry of activity, with people looking to book restaurants and bar tables and shoppers wondering if their chosen retailer is open again. Local reports like this one from The Gazette are useful and help local people to understand their options for eating and drinking in Colchester. 
We have come across websites this past week, that are clearly out of date. From notices that still mention an older lockdown, to pop up messages saying that the business is closed. Here is our check list for local Colchester and Essex businesses to look at, in relation to their website. 
Pop Up Notices  
If you added a pop up message in lockdown 1,2 or 3, please update it. The chances are that you have adapted in some way, by selling your products or offering your services online. So tell website visitors how they can buy from you. If you are preparing to reopen, tell people when and how they can visit or book when you do reopen. Make your pop up message proactive and welcoming and if there is no need for the pop up, now is the time to talk to your web designer or remove it yourself, if you can. 
Text On Your Website  
As with the pop up notices, many business owners added text to their websites, updating their customers of their trading arrangements over this past year. We have noticed again, out of date text that is often not in keeping with the design on the website. This is valuable space where you can give potential clients a first impression of your business. 
Your Blog 
There is nothing worse than out of date or old information, wherever you are looking! You can use your blog to reach people and you can share the link to your latest blog regularly across your social media channels. If you have reopened, then you could shout about it or if you have changed your business, for example you are offering online classes, then you can let everyone know. Sharing on a website, gives you credibility that social media often does not. 
Loading Speed 
A website that loads quickly is a must. Visitors are more likely to abandon a slow site and if they do that they will end up seeking out your competitors. 
Let your web designer handle security updates and if they don't then you need to get this fixed. So many websites do not have an up to date SSL certificate and it puts people off and they will go elsewhere. This is not an option if you are trying to get people to sign up or come back through your door.  
A user should not have to pinch or zoom in on any size screen, whether it is a mobile or a large desk top. A mobile-friendly, responsive website is non negotiable and with the Google Algorithm update due next month and user experience featuring heavily currently, if your website isn't responsive, then please get it looked at by your web designer. 
Booking System 
From exercise classes to pubs and from childrens clubs to hairdressers, we are all booking our appointments! You may be open but are you fully booked? Many entrepreneurs cannot offer a service and do the administration at the same time and by the time they get a chance to call someone back, they have booked elsewhere. Save yourself the time and cost of doing this work by using a booking system like Colchester hair salon Divas. 
Call To Action 
We said at the beginning that it is time to take away the 'closed due to Covid' notices and use that space on your website again. Make sure that weaved into your text you are telling clients about special offers and how they can contact you or book an appointment or a table. This is valuable messaging space so please reclaim it! 
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