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First of all may I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2022. With so many great evolving opportunities within the digital landscape at the moment, I believe it will be an exciting year and businesses that strive to keep one step ahead will prosper and grow with the right guidance. 
As we know January is always a great time to review our digital marketing plans and one very simple and FREE thing I recommend is for company owners and their teams to take a step back. Try to visualise the customer experience and journey on your website from start to finish.  
If you find yourself getting frustrated with your own website, then that's a pretty good indication of your clients and or perspective clients experiences, so it is probably time to have make changes. Checking your bounce rate in Google Analytics will also prove this point. 
Try reviewing your website on a desktop, a tablet, and a mobile phone to see how easy it is to navigate and use across all screen sizes. 
Pick a specific service and then count how many clicks it takes to get there. We would suggest 3 clicks maximum is a good guide. How easy is it for people to contact you? Where are your call to actions on a mobile phone for example, do you make it easy for your users to fill in forms on tablets? How easy is it for your users to call you? On a mobile phone does your website have a linked telephone button so users can simply click to call you? When people fill in a form what happens next, are they directed to a thank you landing page that also updates your Google Acquisition? 
Try to re read your content from a new users point of view, does your opening text highlight your key message clearly? Does this message then encourage people to proceed further? Is there a call to action like "read more" to book a meeting or a buy now link if your website is e-commerce? 
People don't want to be bombarded with reams of text these days (especially on a mobile or tablet), so it's super important to get to your main points made, as quickly as possible on your home page. Why you do what you do and how you can help solve the users problems are great starting points. Check out this great little book about company messaging "Start With Why" 
Some off site issues you might want to look at are how quickly your website loads, is your website secure (SSL Certificate) does it have a Favicon attached, as well as where your website is ranking for your main search terms on Google? 
This may sound like basic stuff that should have been thought about at the original design stage but if your website is a few years old it may now not be working as well as it did back then, so is always worth checking. Of course if you would like to book a Free Digital Audit click below. 
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