When you are asked for the content for your website from your web designer, it can become a dump of information and in some cases reams of text. A good designer or web consultant will work with you to present the information but also to make sure that this is done in a user friendly way. 
The user experience is part of your customer service strategy and it is wise to ensure that your website it intuitive, attractive and easy to navigate. If any task on your website is tricky, then the visitor will go to a competitor's website. 
The design of your website should be pleasing with text that is easy to read and the content being clear. There can be a tendency to waffle, particularly if it is something that you are passionate about. There will be a place for your information and you can use sub pages or show/hide features to present the material in such a way that it can be found without baffling people with too much text. Of course, the font itself should be easy to read and not too small. 
If you are asking people to fill out forms or make payments then be sure to test your data tables. They should be step by step and secure, to ensure that people will complete the process. 
Responsive websites should be standard. Users who are on the go should be able to view content clearly and easily.  
As a business owner it can be a good idea to ask users what they want and need from you. You may gather valuable information that will make you view the user experience side of things. Asking friends and colleagues to review your website regularly is also a good way to garner feedback. Another tip is to ask clients what they thought about their experience on your website and if they would like to see anything different in the future. If you need any help reviewing your website or you would like us to provide a free website health check, please Contact Us. 
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