If you want a successful online business, you should be aiming for your company to appear on the first page of Google to boost awareness of your brand. You will know from your own digital habits, that when you are searching for something to make a purchase online, you ask Google a question and then you are more than likely to click on the top results on the first search engine results page (SERP) that appears. Other online users act just like you. With more businesses marketing online due to lockdowns caused by the pandemic, being on the first page of Google is even more important, if you desire your business to grow. 
Being on the first search results page of Google has numerous benefits. ( See: www.themarketingfolks.com Higher visibility on SERP will drive traffic to your website and raise your online brand awareness. Your prospects are more likely to find your company and buy from you because Google has ranked your enterprise highly. It will reflect in your business’s financial statement. 
It’s vital to optimise your website with relevant SEO keywords and phrases, if you want to claim one of the top three places in results ranked by search engines. You need to write them in titles, headings and descriptions, as well as within the content itself. 
Your content also needs to be relevant to your target audience, educational and engaging enough to encourage your ideal customer to make that desired purchase of your services or products. Google’s algorithms have a number elements that the Googlebots look for while they are monitoring the internet and once you know them, it is easier to include them www.themarketingfolks.com 

Paid marketing v Organic 

If you are launching your business or a marketing campaign to promote your goods or services, using Google Adwords, where you Pay-Per-Click (PPC), will certainly help to get your website noticed. It will appear on the front page of Google, for as long as you can afford to fund it. 
You can learn to use Adwords as a novice yourself, or it may be more astute to ask for expert help from an online marketing agency like Leading Motion. 
If your aim is to grow an attentive audience that will visit your website time and time again, developing your organic search potential will prove more cost effective. This is where having a marketing strategy to develop your organic reach is important. 
Google differentiates between paid for marketing and organic by adding the word “Ad” to the former or putting them within a box. 

Brand Awareness 

When you key in a product or description in the search area, it is the more reputable brands that will appear on the first page of Google and the higher they appear on that page, the more clicks they will attract. The view that society has of your business and how it caters for consumers or other businesses, will be reflected in your position. 
Be Authentic 
Being on the first page of Google without advertising through Adwords is something to celebrate, as it tells your clients that your organisation is authentic, is genuine and can be trusted. It also shows your brand has a good reputation, as other people have made purchases in the past.. 
Reap rewards for being highly visible 
Users are more likely to click on a highly ranked website that is visibly rated for its organic growth than an advertised website and according to experts they will linger four-times longer, which also helps to increase your ranking, bring in more sales and boost your profits. 
Once you have reached the top of the pecking order, you need to continue to work on your winning SEO strategy to maintain that place. 
If you need any more help or advice on this subject, get in touch. 
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