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As an e-commerce retailer, your number one aim is to encourage visitors to buy from you as soon as they land on your website. Unfortunately, experts say that between 76% and 96% of first-time visitors to e-commerce websites leave and never return again. 
So, you may be asking yourself, what can you do to make them convert? 
Marketers know that the longer a website user stays on your site, the more likely they are to make a purchase, so you need to ensure your website is engaging for them. The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more search engines will like it and the more likely they are to rank your website highly in searches. Here are some tips for maintaining the interest of your visitors, so they convert into customers: 

Create a business blog to show off your expertise 

Writing a regular blog on topics connected with your industry can help to get you known as an influencer or voice of authority in your field. It’s a good way of accruing numbers of followers and raving fans who will come back to your website looking for some more tips and guidance. 
Don’t worry about sharing your knowledge, there will always be people who want to have a go themselves, but there are others who will realise they desperately need the help of an expert like you. To increase your reach, try offering e-books and guides where those who choose to download them visit a landing page and have the opportunity to sign up to receive your newsletters and emails. 

Create engaging content 

By now, you should know your ideal audience, their requirements and what they are looking. Focus on meeting their needs and offering solutions by using engaging, educational or entertaining content. Google requires website content to be relevant, so whether you are posting copy, videos, infographics, photographs or cartoons, make sure your visitor will find them worthwhile. 

Optimise your website content 

If you want your website to rank highly on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you can either pay for search and pay-per-click (PPC) adverts or optimise your content for the likes of Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu, e.t.c. to visitors organically. 
There are blogs on “how to improve your SEO ranking” that can help you, or courses to teach you how to do this yourself, but if you are serious about getting ahead of your competitors, why not use the services of an expert like Leading Motion. 

Send regular e-newsletters 

If email marketing isn’t part of your marketing funnel, it is worth considering. You can include links to your website in your digital newsletters, so your prospects have a chance to read detailed descriptions or see images of your products and services. E-newsletters are also a good way of encouraging people to revisit your website, who perhaps have not visited for a while. 

Use images 

Videos, vlogs, photographs, cartoons or infographics are also useful to use as content too. Don’t forget to optimise them for search engines. The more professional your content is, the more business-like your brand will appear, but that might not attract your target market, so consider doing some research to see what your ideal customer prefers. 

Encourage your customers to post reviews. 

Most people like to read reviews to check how good or trustworthy a business is, so encourage your loyal customers to post reviews on the social media platforms that your prospects are most likely to visit. Alternatively, why not consider hosting a testimonials page on your own website? 
To help you improve your online reputation, check out our blog “The Ultimate Guide To Online Reviews” 

Have a great website 

All of the above tips are great ways of encouraging people to revisit your website and engaging their interest so they will buy from you and, of course, having a good website design to will improve their journey will also help. 
A great website created by experts will draw your customers through your pages, until they click the purchase button, your desired aim. 
We hope you have found these guidelines useful. 
At Leading Motion, we are dedicated to helping you attract your ideal marketing to increase your turnover, growth and profits and have a team of experts who can help you or advise you on all of the above. 
Give us a call today to discuss your digital marketing requirements on 01206 512093 
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