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It should be no surprise nowadays that websites and social networks track our behaviours and actions. There’s been all sorts of news stories and scandals in recent years and at the centre of most of them... Facebook. 

Facebook really is the ‘big daddy’ of social networking sites. 

For some perspective; Facebook as over 2.3 BILLION active users. Instagram (which is owned by Facebook!) barely scratched 1 billion and Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest COMBINED only just reach 700 million! 
There is no larger pool of your prospective clients anywhere on the planet. But not only is Facebook leading The way in terms of user numbers... 
It’s also the single most prevalent harvester of data in the world too! Facebook tracks every single little thing you do on the platform. The words you write in your posts. The images you upload. The friends you interact with. The videos you watch. The posts you Like. The posts you scroll past. The posts you slow down your scrolling to skim read but then speed up again because it didn't’t catch your full attention... the list really does go on 
(a lot!). 
What happens to all this data? 
Facebook’s ridiculously clever artificial intelligence analyses every little bit of data it gets fed and deduces things about you as a user that no other platform would know - then it lets us as advertisers target our ads based on this information. So yes, you can target your ads by people’s location and age. But you can also target ads by a whole lot more. 
Run a Dog Kennel? 
You can target your ads to dog owners who are frequent international travellers within a 10-mile radius of your kennel who have an anniversary coming up and are likely to go away. 

Run a Children’s Nursery? 

Target your ads to parents of 2-5-year-old children who live nearby, commute to work and have a high household income. 


Target small business owners within a radius of your practice. Simple 

Selling to Schools? 

Target your ads to teachers at the exact, specific school you want to reach. 
To really hammer home how specific you can get with your Facebook Ad targeting, you can download a Cheat Sheet guide we created which shows you just SOME of the targeting options available to you. Each of the options you see can be drilled down even further - but the info-graphic was already getting too big (!) 
Give it a read, highlight the areas that are relevant to your business; and use them in your next Facebook Ad campaign. 
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