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We’re delighted that for several months in succession it’seeze website designers in Colchester and Ipswich have been ranking highly, if not at the top, in Google searches for our industry in our area. 
In today’s economic market where everyone is having to increase their marketing online, working towards the top ranking on the first page of Google is important and could mean customers buy from you instead of your competitors. 
It will also help you to drive visitors to your website and it will increase your click-through rate (CTR) (a measurement for counting the number of click advertisers receive on ads per number of impressions). According to experts, your traffic and engagement falls off the lower down the ranking that your website is rated. 
Google has immense power and influence, as this search engine crawls through the web and assesses whether websites are useful or relevant and ranks them accordingly. It also looks at everything you do online, and why you do it, to give you a ranking. 
According to a study conducted by the online ad network Chitika, businesses that achieve the top listing in Google’s organic search results attracted 33 per cent of the traffic, compared to the second ranked business which received 18 per cent and lower downranking, the traffic decreases further. ( See: https://www.searchenginewatch.com/2013/06/20/no-1-position-in-google-gets-33-of-search-traffic-study/
All it'seeze websites are optimised for search engines. There are several actions you can take to help your website to be ranked highly, like it’seeze’s. Here are a few we recommend: 

1, Create compelling website content 

Google’s own SEO Starter Guide says that, “creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors…” 
Content is the medium you use to deliver relevant information to your target audience and potential buyers. Content can be in the form of blogs, vlogs, social media posts, infographics and images. So, the sooner you start doing these things the better for your business and brand. 
2, Create original content that is useful and relevant 
As an expert in your industry, you can write about your experience and demonstrate your expertise in your subject matter. Google will assess you on your investment of time and labour on your website. 

3, Have an easy-to-follow website menu 

If your website is well designed and gives your visitors a satisfying user-friendly experience, Google will give your website a better assessment. 

4, Have a fast, responsive mobile friendly website 

Having a modern Faster loading website where pages load quickly and efficiently will not only keep your visitors engaged, but will also give you a better assessment in Google’s ranking strategy. 

5, Use keywords for your industry on your website 

Searching for keywords on the topics you are talking about in your content, will help your website to boost your ranking with search engines. There are free tools online that can help you find the most commonly used keywords used in searches. 

6, Gain a reputation 

If you can show you have a good reputation and have customer testimonials on your social media or on your website, it will help you to achieve and maintain a good ranking. 
There is no easy way to achieve a top ranking on Google, but if you follow our it’seeze blogs and social media posts, you will gain lots of top tips to have your website flying high in Google searches. Also View our packages and prices here. In addition, we’d recommend you follow the Google Webmaster SEO Quality Guidelines. 
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