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The highly talked about and anticipated Google algorithm page experience updated has been delayed. It will now have a gradual launch from mid June, therefore we do not expect to see a full impact on website rankings until around the end of August. 
So, is your website ready and what is the new update all about? Google wants us, its users to be able to do more and do it quicker! This will increase engagement from website users and make getting information from a page easier too. Google wants to move away and discourage pages that aren't pleasant to use, for example websites that are sell, sell, sell and do not provide information or allow a visitor to comfortably browse. Lots of pop ups are another example of being bombarded when you just want a gentle scroll. Here are some things that you can check on your website to ensure that you are meeting the standards, 
your website should be quick to load 
have separate call to actions 
be optimised for mobiles 
use alt text for images 
great content will always be a winner, so do you have a blog for example? 
You should also be using keywords as part of you SEO strategy including long tail keywords. In many cases and if you have a website with Leading Motion already, there should not be cause to panic. The principles of the Google update are around already and exist in our web design process. Anyone who has a free consultation with us will be impressed with the loading speed of our websites alone. As a business owner it is about refining, updating and changing your website to reflect a new focus and demand. The same as you would in physical premises, by decorating, improving the flow of traffic or by installing air conditioning to enhance the experience of those visiting. Your website should be easy to use for everyone, easy to navigate and for users to find out who you are, and be pleasant to explore.  
If your website does not meet any of the requirements above and you are looking for a new, local web designer, then we would be happy to talk with you here at Leading Motion, Colchester
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