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As you may be aware, Google’s next big algorithm update is due to launch in May 2021 
This new update will see Google take the user experience into greater consideration when ranking your websites in the search results, relying on a set of signals to evaluate each page of your website and determine whether visitors will have a good or bad experience on your website. 
These signals include: how mobile-friendly is your website, how secure, how fast does it load, how stable, how interactive, and how accessible each web page is. In fact, most of these signals are already ranking factors, so it’s likely that many websites that are already ranking well and delivering a great user experience will not notice this new update. 
It’s also worth noting that Google has emphasised the continuing importance of high-quality content on websites: 
“While the page experience is very important, Google still seeks to rank pages with the best information overall, even if the website page experience is subpar. Great web page experience doesn't override having great page content.” 
So whilst focusing on delivering a great website experience is more important than ever, having unique and highly relevant site content is still the key to achieving a high position in the search results. 
The rollout of the update in May 2021 will also see the testing of new visual indicators within the search results to show searchers how good or bad the user experience is expected to be on each website – delivering a great page experience is therefore likely to encourage more click-throughs from the SERPs. 
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