I sometimes use this analogy when talking to new and existing clients, if Facebook is a happening, hip house party full of cool people dancing the night away then Google + could be seen as the party where no one turned up! 
So why bother with Google + I hear you ask? No one wants to be at that kind of party, all the cool funny people are somewhere else right?? 
The point we are missing here is that there is one VIP at this party that as a business we need to be engaging with and that's the very powerful Mr Google... 
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By having a presence on Google + and updating your business page regularly you are telling Google that your an active, progressive business. In our opinion this activity (as well as lots of other factors) will help you when your are trying to climb the Google listing and increase your company visibility on-line. 
Just a couple of points, make sure your content is engaging and relevant to your business and services, make sure your content is unique (Google hates duplication) use images and video, and link back to your website when appropriate. 
I hope this is useful, let us review you Google + and other social pages, (no obligation) 
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