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Often when websites are designed or re designed the designers focus is on how the website is going to look, navigate and work on different screens. While the look and functionality of a website is super important it’s actually not the first thing to be thinking about if the goal is to make the website as visible and as effective as it possibly can be. 
Every website design needs to start with a clear understanding of the audience it’s being aimed at, their geographical location and most importantly the search terms these people will be entering to find your business and services. 
For example, if you were looking for a physiotherapist you might just Google “physiotherapy near me (or in your local town)” and while that’s an important search term as web designers we need to go a lot further. 
We need to identify and create pages and content around the other main search terms that people Google to find your services. For example, people may also Google a specific issue like “knee physiotherapy” or “physiotherapy for sciatica” so it makes sense to create web pages and content around these search terms if they have strong Search Volume (SV). 
So the next step is establish a list of what search terms, phases and words have the best SV (Search Volume) within a specific industry and we call this the “Size of the prize”. 
Staying on the theme on Physiotherapy, we have created a snap shot example (below) of how a section of “Size of the prize” looks, following our research and how we identify the best SV. This then allows us to either disregard or implement pages and content on the new site depending on the specific SV. 

The main page will be "Conditions" and sub page will be "Back pain" 

With a total monthly SV of 760 searches we would then recommend that a page is created for Back Pain with the appropriate search terms included, so that when people search physiotherapy for back pain or back physiotherapy our clients website has more chance of getting found. 
SV (Search Volume) 
physiotherapy for back pain (Search terms to be used in the page) 
back physiotherapy (Search terms to be used in the page) 
A full report (depending on the business and sector) could include many main page examples and multiple sub pages and takes time to create but once created it makes the whole website design process much clearer with much better results for the client. 

Looking for a more effective website? Book your size of the prize analysis here... 

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