A Facebook Pixel is a little piece of code that helps you to measure the success of your advertising campaigns. 
The piece of code that you put on your website tells you all sorts of data about your conversations. You can measure the success of adverts across devices and ensure that your ads are seen by those most likely to act upon them. Its pretty powerful stuff. You can also create dynamic ads, which show customers products or related items based on what they have looked up on your website. 
Being able not only to see who purchases from you but how much they spend, enables you to target your ads in the future to reach your different customer levels and to give you the best chance of conversion. 
We particularly like the lookalike audience feature, where Facebook can help you, using targeting data to essentially duplicate your audience, so reach the same type of demographic therefore your ad reaches more people. 
If you need help getting to grips with Facebook ads, your website or any other marketing services please get in touch with your requirements and we can have a conversation. 
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