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Whether you are just starting on the journey of success in business, or are well travelled already, you need a website content strategy to follow. 
You also need to understand the market you are serving, your ideal customer and the kind of content that will drive them to your website. 
Creating a website content strategy is an essential part of your marketing strategy that will include paid advertising, organic content and business collateral. 
A website content strategy is a plan for delivering your content and deciding on what, where and when it should be uploaded. 
Creating your website without a content strategy is like setting off down the road blindly, without a destination in mind and you won’t see the results you desire without one. 
According to a survey of digital content marketing by the Content Marketing Institute, 72% of marketers claim to have seen an increase in engagement and 72% said they saw a rise in the number of their leads, and both were achieved through their content. Learn more here... 

Set your goals and your objectives/tactics 

Just as a football or rugby team has a united image, the same should be true of your business’s brand and everything surrounding it should line up accordingly. 
In order to get to the top of your league, you need to know your goals and how to plan to achieve them. 
Ask yourself what you want to achieve? What is your plan for getting there? And how you plan to execute your strategy? 
Having a clear goal will help you to align your website content strategy and decide what tactics to use, for example, blogs, or vlogs, case studies or white papers, videos, podcasts or webinars. Set Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as something to help you assess your success. 
Know your target audience 
The most effective way of creating content that works is to know your target market well and to focus on their needs, pains, challenges and what they will be looking for. 
Are you attracting your ideal customer now? If not, ask yourself why not and what you need to change? You may need to create an avatar or persona for your target audience so you know all about them. Learn more here... 

Conduct a website audit 

Before launching your new website or revamping your current one, it is worthwhile conducting a website audit and identifying how your current content has performed. This will help you to understand how to drive volumes of traffic to your website, what has worked well in the past and what needs changed. Use your data to help you create your plan. 
At Leading Motion we are happy to conduct a free website content audit for you see: www.leadingmotion.co.uk/digital-audits/ and all of our websites come with tools to analyse your data so you will be able to quickly spot what is working and what is not. 
You may already have some great content on your website that you can reuse or rewrite. 

Check out your competition 

It’s worthwhile doing your homework on your competitors and what is working well for them. Their goals and objectives will be different to yours, but it may help to inspire your content, shaped by your own goals and KPIs. 

Ensure you optimise your website content 

Optimising your website content now, so it can easily be found by your prospects searching for keywords or phrases, will pay dividends later. 
Search engines will rank your website more highly if your content is Search Engine Optimised (SEO). It means you should see improved engagement with your content and an increase in people searching for what you have to offer. 

Try not to use jargon 

Every industry uses its own terms of reference, but your ideal customer may not know what your terminology or jargon means. 
Use clear and simple language in your content across your website, so that your prospects understand what your services or products are and how to buy them. 

Do you need our help? 

Investing time and energy on creating a great strategy and alluring content for your website should deliver a good return on your investment. 
If you need some expert help and advice in creating your website content strategy, well written SEO content or want to take up Leading Motion’s offer of a free website audit, get in touch. 
They say ‘content is king’ and we are knights of the realm in the marketing kingdom. 
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