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With online marketing becoming so important for all business owners looking to grow it’s super important that your website designer is on the ball when it comes to a whole range of subjects from Google updates to user habits, security and website speed. Here are a few questions we would always recommend that you ask before making a decision to work with any new web designer. 
What platform is my website designed on? 
This is important because if your website is created on a platform that is not recognized by Google or if the technology behind your website is not up to date then it might not perform as it should and may even get ignored by Google. 
Where is my website hosted? 
I know of one big / national provider who design and host their websites in the Philippines, while I am sure the Philippines is a lovely county I have never ever seen one of their websites at the top of a Google search. 
Do I have access to update and edit my own website easily? 
This is important on 2 levels, firstly because you need to be in control of your own company website and secondly if you need to change a picture or some text you really don’t need a bill for £60+VAT for the privilege. 
What security do you provide to make sure my website is safe from hackers? 
Make sure your website is hosted in the UK on a mirrored server and an SSL certificate is included in the design / setup process. Privacy and Cookie policies should be included as standard these days also. 
Is my website mobile ready? 
This sounds like a silly question but there are different levels of mobile friendly, having a look at the web designer’s own website on a mobile phone should show you how good yours will look once designed. 
How Google friendly is my website? 
This is an easy one to answer, just Google their website and see how well they are doing, if they cannot get their own website on page 1 then how are they supposed to help you do the same. 
How often will they review your website? 
It’seeze Web Design Colchester and Ipswich aim to call all our client every 2 to 3 months to make sure their websites are working for their business. 
These are just a few questions we would suggest that are asked but of course there are many more, if you would like to arrange a no obligation meeting to review your own website then please call us directly on: 01206 512093 

Or request a call back here:  

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