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Local website landing pages are used specifically get visitors to respond to a Call To Action (CTA). If you are not using these then you might be missing a trick! Today we are going to deepen our understanding of local landing pages and understand the need for them in the realm of searching. 
Landing pages will look like regular web pages such as your Home page, About Us or Meet The Team pages for example. Certainly in brand and style they will represent your business. However, they will not be as populated with content and they will entice the visitor to engage. Video is a fantastic way of capturing your audience, as we all pause a little longer when a video starts playing. 
When we search online, the results will be tailored to our location, whether or not we ask for them to be. The reason for this is that most of the time we are looking for something locally even if we do not explicitly state it. Therefore, even when we do not state the town that we are in, Google will show us some organic local results. If I search for t-shirt printing Colchester on Google and then search t-shirt printing, I still get shown local Colchester based t-shirt printers through the latter search, although I didn't specifically ask for them. Landing pages will help businesses capitalise on appearing in the local and organic searches. 
Your web designer should have designed your website in such a way that the hierarchy is organised and you can add landing pages in a logical way in order to get the best results. If you draw a blank or need help then please talk to us
You need to make sure that once you have your structure that your content is on point. You URL and your SEO should contain the location that you are looking to target and the content should be relevant to visitors in that location. Text should be natural and not over optimized. We always stick to a conversational approach as if we are having an in person conversation for example. Don't forget your contact details, as people landing on the page do not want to be searching to find out where you are located and how they can reach you. A map can be a visual way of reinforcing that you are local on your landing page too. 
So, now that you know the basics you can liaise with your web designer about getting yourself on the local landing page ladder. As with many of our topics, local landing pages are only part of the picture to becoming more visible online. You can also ensure that your have a Google My Business Profile too. Check our blog for other regular tips, updates and news, 
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