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More than half of the worlds population now uses social media that's (58.4%) 4.62 billion people. A huge 424 million new users have come online within the last 12 months. The average daily time spent using social media is 2h 27m, so if you still think that social media is not a necessary way to market your business, then you are missing a huge audience who consume and share data frequently. 
Here are 5 key actions that you can follow to help make your social activity work better for your business: 
1. Set achievable goals 
Never start your social media marketing initiative without setting some key goals. As a company owner, your primary goal will likely be to drive sales by attracting new clients. However, there are some other creative goals for social media. While some brands use social media to drive awareness and to develop relationships, others will want to use social media for customer support. 
Set some fixed figures eg: "We will achieve a 5% increase in engagement this month" 
Have a metric to track and monitor the progress towards each of your goals. 
Your Social Media Goals should stretch your abilities, while being realistically attainable. 
Achieving these goals will help deliver a positive business outcome. 
Set a deadline to achieve your goals and then review 
2. Choose the right social media platforms for your business 
When you’re busy running your company, it’s impossible to find time to be active on every social media platform so narrowing down your choice to just a couple of platforms will allow you to focus your efforts to achieve the best return on your time investment. 
3. Always use quality images & video content 
Always post high quality, professional images and video content, remember video typically generates better engagement than static images so it is a good idea to mix it up a bit and then monitor the engagement. 
4. Don't fall into the sell sell sell trap 
It's called Social Media for a reason and yes the goal is to ultimately engage, build and then create opportunities and or sales but avoid the hard sell tactic as it will turn people off. Mix your feed up with social news, learning tips, fun stuff, company news and product/service updates. 
5. Define Your social media voice and vibe 
Is your brand vibe fun or serious? 
Finding your vibe or voice is key to connecting with the correct audience because people like brands they can relate to. 
Defining your voice involves tackling three main things: 
What do you want your brand to sound like online? 
Who is your target audience and what kind of vocabulary do they use? 
Based on the first two questions, what will your audience want to hear from you and your business? 
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