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In order to maximise sales from your online store it is essential that you SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) your website. If your web shop is not showing up in the search results, how are potential customers going to review and ultimately buy from you? 
You need to stay abreast of the competition and soar ahead in the rankings to secure more sales and here are 5 actions that you can follow to help with that strategy. 
1. Personalise Your Product Descriptions  
As tempting as it is to use the blurb from the manufacturer, we would not advise it! You may be doing damage to your SEO because search engines like Google cannot abide duplicated content. Take the time to write your own product text and this is a great way of adding new, unique content to your website, which is a sure fire winner in the world of SEO. 
So the bottom line is make the time and do not put any copied text anywhere on your website. 
2. Research Your Keywords  
It is all about balance when choosing keywords. You want to swoop like an eagle and win those clients looking for a specific product or service before someone else does. You also need to include broader keywords to attract the wider audience to your website without going so broad that your website gets lost in the rankings. The only want to perfect the art of keywords is to monitor your website statistics and data coupled with extensive keyword research. 
3. Go For Quality Images  
Always post high quality, professional standard images to your website. Think about when you buy something and the process that you follow. Buying a product online, always involves reviewing the images to see what you are going to get.  
The Alt text should always be filled out to maximise online visibility to your entire potential audience. 
4. Your Website Needs To Load Quickly... 
If it doesn't then you will lose visitors. This is a sure fire way to win/lose customers, so if your page loading speed is slow, then get it fixed. Customers will simply go back to the search results and shop elsewhere. If you want evidence of your slow loading speed then get in touch for a free website health check. 
Google's past and upcoming algorithm updates focus on page experience. There is nothing worse than a slow loading website to lower your ranking and appeal, so get it sorted and quick! 
5. Blog, Blog & Blog 
Adding high quality, unique content to your website is an SEO booster and showcases your knowledge and credibility in your industry. People buy using a range of emotions and if you write with authority this creates trust between you and your online audience. 
Ultimately a regular blog article increases your chances of being found online for your products or services and therefore can increase sales. 
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