With over 70% of internet users now active on social media, there's a great opportunity for small business owners to economically promote their services, products, events and company news to a wider audience. 


As with all marketing activity it's important to plan your social media strategy, understand your audience and make sure that you are employing the correct platforms before you begin. 
It's also important to brand your social media pages correctly to establish consistency and professionalism across all platforms. 
Let Leading Motion conduct a full review of your social activity, we'll give you some useful feedback on your social strategy and help with your social branding, planning and implementation. 
Leading Motion offer a range of fixed price social media package designed specifically for SME's who are looking for some support to help with. 
Increase the traffic to your website 
Build brand awareness & your company profile 
Engage with more clients and potential clients  
Typically, Facebook Advertising is a lot more economical than Google Adwords. so if you're hammering your monthly ad spend on google ads it might be wise think about what facebook Advertsing could do for your business: 

Here are some case studies of what some of our customers are doing: 

Large medical business 
We achieved: 
50% increase in daily leads. 
Halved their cost per lead (CPL). 
Protein brand (E-COMMERCE) 
We achieved: 
90% increase in conversions. 
35% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS). 
10% reduction in cost per action (CPA). 
SME business 
We have achieved the following results: 
A combined total of 120 leads since we started running ads. 
A lowest cost per lead of just £2.83! 
A combined total of 14,104 new visitors to the site since we started running the ads. 
Wine shop (E-COMMERCE) 
We achieved the following: 
5,060 new visitors to the site. 
A total of 244 purchases, roughly equating to an average of 16 purchases a day over the course of 15 days. 
An average cost of £6.15 per purchase. 
Purchase conversion value of £41,912.99A return on investment amounting to £39,692.99. 
Our return on ad spend was £27.94. 
We are so confident we can help you that we offer a 3 month (no contract) honeymoon period as well as a money back guarantee. The next step is a free business consultation and there is no obligation. 
As I said we have had huge demand for social media so come back to me as soon as possible before we fill up. It's first come first served. 
Starting from £250 per month. 
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